Company profile

Founded in 1993, Albatross E.D. Aero Assemblies Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and assembling harnesses, assemblies' manufacturing, restoration and betterment, construction works and all electricity mechanics and wiring in military and civilian aircrafts.

Rossell Techsys 

Albatros has an exclusive representative teaming agreement with aerospace and defense engineering and manufacturing, Rossell Techsys ( in India

Company policy

As part of our culture, we at Albatross strive for professionalism and excellence, upholding values of quality assurance, adherence to time tables and cutting down response time in all our activities. We endeavor to maintain effective execution of all processes, meeting customers' expectations and preserving their satisfaction. At Albatross, the human resource is key. We hold trainings and team building activities, develop manufacturing and service quality parameters and assimilate protocols of monitoring and lesson learning as part of our quality culture.

A few words about us

Albatros E.D Aero Assemblies LTD was founded in 1993 as a company specializing in carrying out repair works, improving and manufacturing of Aviation Systems and Complexes. The experience and reputation that the company gained in the field of Aviation led to extending of its activities also into the field of the civil, military and Aviation related wiring; including mechanical and electronic assembling.



  • Clean room
  • Acquisition/ Production, Planning & Control
  • Final inspections by automatic electrical test
  • Ministry of Defense projects
  • Wiring – harnesses production
  • Quality Control
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Project Management
  • Outsourcing

Standards and Certifications

Albatross E.D. is AS 9100-D certified.

The company's workers are certified by the "MAHOOT" training center of Israel Aerospace Industries in the following fields:

  • Parameter 3408 "wiring/manufacturing/installment/repair in the workshop and on the aircraft"
  • Parameter 3431 "welding – conducting inspection"
  • Quality control certification from ALD College
  • IPC 620A certification
  • IPC 610 certification
  • Electro-mechanic and space assemblies certification