• Clean room

    The Albatros factory has a clean room set up where complex work is carried out in the field of av

  • Wiring – harnesses production
    Albatross' wiring factory specializes in - and spearheads - complex projects of harness production and assembly for leading military, civilian, marine, land and aerospace companies, both domestic and international.
  • Quality Control
    Albatross' quality department is in charge of carrying out all AS-9100D quality documents at all work locations, both in the company's factory in Yehud and in the client's premises, including all aerospace industry facilities and IAF's bases.
  • Project Management
    Upon signing the work agreement, Albatross appoints a manager with the skills relevant to the project's specifications and the client's requirements.
  • Outsourcing
    Albatross has a unique outsourcing department, supplying a wide range of services outside the company's premises.