Company profile

Founded in 1993, Albatross E.D. Aero Assemblies Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and assembling harnesses, assemblies' manufacturing, restoration and betterment, construction works and all electricity mechanics and wiring in military and civilian aircrafts.

All wiring and construction of assemblies take place in our Yahud factory.

The company is AS 9100-C certified.

In all its years of operation, Albatross has maintained close working relations with all Israeli Aerospace industries (IAI)'s divisions.

We at Albatross are thoroughly familiar with our customers' needs and requirements, which means we can engage in several concurrent projects including FAI prototypes and projects at the customer's own yard.

Albatross is called upon to take part in the development of projects for IAI and many of our other customers.

We work closely with engineers and project manager to ensure efficiency and effective response to flaws in product design.

Albatross manages Ministry of Defense and IAF projects.

A proof of Albatross' capabilities, our IAF operations are a significant part of its decision to assign more projects to the civilian market.

Albatross has a proven record of turning failing projects into profitable ones assimilating operation specifications, control, documentation, supervision and lesson learning as well as betterment processes.

We at Albatross take great pride in our certified and highly experienced staff of about 130 employees.