Albatross has a unique outsourcing department, supplying a wide range of services outside the company's premises.

Albatross' outsourcing is done in two ways:

  1. Partial outsourcing – complimentary services for projects executed in the company's factory requiring supplement/completion in the customer's own premises
  2. Full outsourcing – executing specific project from start to finish at the client's premises.

Our outsourcing services help in workloads, costs, objectives and manpower shortages.

This activity is performed by a trained, professional and highly skilled client manager, with a team of workers suitable for the job requirements and project type.

This guarantees efficiency and speedy assimilation of workers, to ensure the project's success.

The client manager maintains on-going communication with the workers and with the client's own foreman, closing gaps and providing prompt responses to any problem. We provide our partial and full outsourcing services to – among others - electronic companies and all the military and aerospace industry facilities.

This service is given in a wide range of activities.