Wiring – harnesses production

Albatross' wiring factory specializes in - and spearheads - complex projects of harness production and assembly for leading military, civilian, marine, land and aerospace companies, both domestic and international.

  • Execution of various projects, from the initial stages of development, in close cooperation with the client's representatives and their engineering and production departments
  • Preparing prototypes, including the assimilation of all learning and production processes, documenting engineering gaps in a Q&A format and assimilating them in the serial production files
  • Drafting detailed guides that include all emphases and process milestones, relevant tools, like engineering documents and any other useful information contributing to the overall process
  • Routing wiring in communication cabinets and assemblies
  • Making streamline suggestions to shorten time tables, in strict adherence to all processes and global aviation quality standard quality, in order to render the project more cost effective and profitable to the client
  • Installing new technology connectors, keeping abreast of all the new products in the industry
  • Producing routing cards detailing all the production process stages and wires batch numbers, attaching them to the harness during final delivery as an integral part of the engineering documents and other records prepared throughout the project.