Acquisition/ Production, Planning & Control

Albatross' acquisition and PP&C department is in charge of all acquisition and PP&C processes, including:

  • Constantly looking for new suppliers who would meet client's specifications, to encourage competition and reduce project's costs
  • Assuring full compliance with the most stringent aviation standards
  • Receipt of all relevant documents upon acceptance of COC and batch numbers, maintaining complete consistency and facilitating investigation if necessary
  • Comparing prices and negotiating with suppliers to get optimal rates
  • Planning delivery times to which suppliers are bound, incorporating acquisition aspects in the project overall work plan and adhering to final delivery deadlines
  • Being on the lookout for - and suggesting - alternative items and engineering options
  • On-going updates of order and production to the client's representatives
  • On-going follow up on production progress
  • Preparing SAP bills of materials in accordance with the client's engineering documents.